Project Funding Application

The Richmond Hospital Physician Society invites physicians to apply for funding under the Facility Engagement Initiative. The Facility Engagement Initiative, a provincial SSC funded initiative born out of the 2014 PMA and the Memorandum of Understanding (renewed in 2019), supports initiatives that strengthen relationships and engagement between the Health Authorities and facility-based physicians to provide facility-based physicians with a more meaningful voice in HA and site decision and improvements that relate to patient care and the working environment. Please see the complete funding guidelines and the funding guidelines summary table for more information.

Funding cannot be used for the following:

  • Advertising - with the exception of physician recruitment ads
  • Compensation for clinical services
  • Purchase of real estate or vehicles
  • Purchase of clinical equipment
  • Donations to charities or political parties
  • Required CME accredited clinical training


  • Meeting attendance that is presently required as part of maintaining medical staff privileges
  • Capital projects or renovations
  • Funded physician research or Physician Led Quality Improvement (PLQI) projects
  • Projects or meetings that have pharmaceutical or industry involvement in any capacity

Please note:

  • Support is available to you if you require assistance during the application process. Please contact Liana Gabriele, Facility Engagement Program Manager.
  • The form cannot be saved mid-progress. Please ensure you are able to complete and submit the form once you have started.
  • For your reference, please review RHPS' Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • The information provided in this Project Funding Application form will not be shared without your permission. For more information, please refer to RHPS' Privacy Policy.

*Updated* Project Funding Application
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Project Lead

Project Info

7. Project/activity type (check all that apply): *
8. Which MOU objective(s) does this activity/project address (check all that apply): *
9a. Which RHPS Strategic Priority does this activity/project address (check all that apply): *
9b. Which RHPS Work Plan Priority does this activity/project address (check all that apply): *
13. Proposed time frame: *

Estimated Budget

If your project time frame is over 12 months, please indicate your funding request just for the current fiscal year as there will be an opportunity to request additional funds for the next fiscal year.
Use the online Project Budget Builder (submit separately).

RHPS is invested to ensure the success of its funded projects and the reporting on them. To this end, support for projects is available through RHPS (i.e. project management, event or meeting coordination). If you anticipate needing project support, please include this in your budget.

For additional information, please review:

16. How will you measure your activity's/project's success? Add as many as you'd like by clicking the "Add" button:

17. Milestones and estimated target dates (add as many as needed by clicking the "Add" button):

21. Health system area(s) of impact (check all that apply): *
22. Which departments does this problem/issue affect (check all that apply).
Successfully funded projects engage more than one department and/or discipline. *
23. Which stakeholders would be involved in the activity/project (check all that apply): *
24a. How will physicians be engaged?
Refer to the IAP2 Engagement Framework for more information. *
24b. How will the Health Authority or Administration be engaged?
Refer to the IAP2 Engagement Framework for more information. *

25. Identify specific stakeholders involved/contacted (add as many as needed by clicking the "Add" button):

26. My Department/Division Head is aware of this work: *
27. I have Health Authority/Senior Medical Director sponsorship for this work: *
28. What other sources of funding are you receiving for this work (check all that apply): *
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30. May we contact you once your activity/project is underway for a photo of your project/group? *
32. Upload any additional supporting information or files here:
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