Non-Mandatory Meeting Remuneration

Please note that requests falling within Facility Engagement funding guidelines are not guaranteed for approval. The ultimate decision to fund (a) non-mandatory meeting(s) is with the RHPS Executive and is based upon alignment with current priorities and available funds which will be reviewed each year. Approval will be for a limited time period for meetings that have a clear outcome/impact.


  1. Complete the application form below for remuneration for a meeting or series of meetings prior to meeting attendance. You only need to submit this once for the same meeting series. A new application is required for a different meeting series.
  2. The RHPS Executive will review each request independently and base its decisions to best support Richmond Hospital physician representation. In an effort to ensure equitability across the medical staff, there will be a maximum of eight sessional hours that can be claimed per physician (per fiscal year), unless authorized by the RHPS Executive.
  3. Once approved, your meeting series will be uploaded as an activity on FEMS and will appear in your drop-down menu of available activities to claim.
  4. Submit your claim(s). Your claim(s) may be reviewed against the meeting attendance list provided by the meeting host/lead and/or your Department/Division Head.
  5. Upon submission of your request, you will receive notification within four business days.
  6. You may be asked to account for your representation at the meeting(s) by looping back to the RHPS Executive on the committee/project’s work.


The Richmond Hospital Physician Society (RHPS) has a goal to support meaningful physician engagement and representation to better serve our community of physicians, our patients and the Vancouver Coastal Health-Richmond Community of Care. We strive to foster a culture where physicians have an active role in healthcare planning and decision-making, in addition to the provision of healthcare, when it comes to issues affecting physicians, their workplace and their patients.

To this end, the RHPS has committed $4,000 for each department, in accordance with the Facility Engagement funding guidelines, to recognize the time its members are dedicating to representing the “physician voice” when it goes above and beyond the regular scope of their work and role within Richmond Hospital. This physician representation may be on committees, advisory groups, projects or initiatives and may also include policy development, strategic planning or healthcare decision-making.

Priority and approval will be given to requests that are in line with RHPS’ priorities as defined by the 2019 Memorandum of Understanding and our members’ input. These are to:

  • Improve communication and relationships among the medical staff so that their views are more effectively represented
  • Prioritize issues that significantly affect physicians and patient care
  • Support medical staff contributions to the development and achievement of Health Authority plans and initiatives that directly affect physicians
  • Have meaningful interactions between the medical staff and Health Authority leaders, including physicians in formal HA medical leadership roles

What is a Non-Mandatory Meeting?

Any meeting that requires physician involvement and attendance which is not required to maintain medical staff privileges and not compensated by other means. Medical staff who pay dues at Richmond Hospital are eligible for remuneration through RHPS.

Exclusion criteria:

  • Meetings required as part of the role as Department/Division Head
  • Department or Division meetings
  • Group business/routine practice/day-to-day workflow meetings
  • Educational/CME meetings, or meetings that will be claimed for CME credits
  • Projects or meetings that have pharmaceutical or industry involvement in any capacity
  • COVID-related meetings

Please note:

  • The information provided in this Non-Mandatory Meeting Remuneration Request form will not be shared without your permission. For more information, please refer to RHPS' Privacy Policy.
  • The form cannot be saved mid-progress. Please ensure you are able to complete and submit the form once you have started.
  • Questions can be directed to the RHPS Executive at

Non-Mandatory Meeting Remuneration Request

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