Submit A Claim

Claim for facility engagement activities or expenses

Follow these steps to register and get paid. If already registered, go to STEP 3.

Step 1

  • Sign up for a FEMS account (Facility Engagement Management System).
  • Click on the verification email to activate your FEMS account.

Step 2

  • Set up direct deposit at VersaPay (Canadian version of PayPal).
  • Use the same email address you entered for FEMS.
  • Click on the verification email from VersaPay to confirm your email address.
  • Within two business days, a small credit and debit transaction of equal value from VersaPay will appear in your bank account.  This is needed to verify your bank account and is in lieu of providing a void cheque.
  • You will then receive an email to verify your bank account.  Enter the amount debited and credited by VersaPay and click “Verify Bank Account”.  Your VersaPay is now active and you may begin to submit claims. 

VersaPay Signup

Step 3

  • Submit your claim in FEMS.
  • Be sure to submit your claim before the 3-month deadline (from event/meeting date).

Submit A Claim

Need Assistance?

*FEMS mobile app is available at your App store, how-to guide here.