RHPS and RHMSA Taking a Stand Against Racism



The Richmond Hospital Physician Society (RHPS) and the Richmond Hospital Medical Staff Association (RHMSA) strongly condemn the recent tragic events and brutal acts resulting in loss of lives. The RHPS Executive will promote and celebrate our diversity in Richmond Hospital. We will stand against any form of discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. These types of prejudice have no place in Richmond Hospital and our community of care.

We will actively contribute to VCH Diversity, Equity and Inclusion activities. The recent anti-Asian incidents, brutal acts against black communities as well as long standing discriminatory practices against Indigenous communities sends a stark reminder that systemic racism and active/passive discrimination continues to exist at large in our society. As the Executive representing the medical staff, we would like to partner with VCH senior leaders in promoting diversity at all levels of leadership. We commit to taking a leading role in improving awareness about the impact of racism and discrimination on individual lives, as well as bringing equity in healthcare.

Your Richmond Hospital Physician Society Executive:
Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy, Dr. David Li, Dr. Ken Hughes, Dr. Sreedharan Nagendran