2021-2022 RHPS Peer Recognition Awards Recipients

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Congratulations to the following WINNERS! Thank you for all your hard work and accomplishment in the RH community. 

Remarkable Leadership: Dr. Alexandros Alexiadis
Remarkable Leadership: Dr. Nancy Austin
Most Decent Person: Dr. Eliza Chan
Major Influencer: Dr. Marty Fishman
Medical Scholar: Dr. Matthew Kwok
Impactful Advocate: Dr. Sree Nagendran
Professional Outstanding: Dr. Nam Nguyen
Most Decent Person: Dr. Jerry Vortel


A List of Doctors Who Are Also Nominated:

Dr. Raymond Au
Dr. Caroline Choo
Dr. Meena Dawar
Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy
Dr. Clement Kwok
Dr. Tracy Lee
Dr. Tamara Leung
Dr. David Li
Dr. Sophie Low-Beer
Dr. Tyler Ngai
Dr. Amy Polster
Dr. Rebeca Rivera
Dr. Sharad Sampath
Dr. Kevin Shi
Dr. Candice Sy
Dr. Agnes To
Dr. Andrew Wilson
Dr. Julie Wilson
Dr. William Wong