Announcing Project Intake Round TWO


Applications for RHPS Now Open – Deadline November 16th

The Richmond Hospital Physician Society (RHPS) Working Group and Executive are pleased to announce applications for project funding is open for Round Two.

The overarching purpose of the Facility Engagement Initiative (FEI) is to facilitate meaningful engagement and consultation between physicians and between physicians and health authority staff. For this reason, please consider if this funding is the right avenue for your project. Projects that explicitly address the Memorandum of Understanding and the RHPS Strategic Priorities will be considered for funding.

Memorandum of Understanding

  • To improve communication and relationships among medical staff so that their views are more effectively represented
  • To prioritize issues that significantly affect physicians and patient care
  • To support meaningful medical staff contributions to the development and achievement of health authority plans and initiatives that directly affect physicians
  • To have meaningful interactions between medical staff and health authority leaders, including physicians in formal health authority medical roles
  • To improve physician access to appropriate information to allow for more effective engagement and interaction between physicians and health authority operational leaders
  • To support physicians to acquire leadership skills required to participate effectively in discussions regarding issues and matters directly affecting physicians and their role in the health care system

RHPS Strategic Priorities

  • Strengthen Physician Engagement and Communication
  • Enhance the Physician Voice
  • Maintain and Enhance Accountability of the Society

RHPS Work Plan 2020-2021

  • Support improving workplace culture, work-life balance and physician wellness strategies
  • Offer opportunities for interaction, relationship-building and collaboration amongst medical staff
  • Advocate for and support physician representation on and in health authority-led committees and initiatives
  • Ensure physician representation in RH redevelopment and future planning

Find out how to apply here.